IHSF Board Designee Positions:

Chairman – James Viola
Vice Chairman – Fred Jones
Treasurer – Mike Hirschberg
Assistant Treasurer – Bob Sheffield

IHSF Directors:

Gilles Bruniaux
Mike Hirschberg
Fred Jones
Kurt Robinson
Bob Sheffield

Officer Positions:

CFO – third party designee – TBD
Secretary – TBD

European Teams:  R.COM and ESPN-R

European Rotorcraft Committee (R.COM), an EASA Advisory Body

Chair –  Tim Fauchon, EHA / BHA
Vice Chair –  Gilles Bruniaux, ASD / Airbus Helicopters
EASA Manager –  David Solar
EASA Rotorcraft Coordinator and R.COM Secretary – Clément Audard

European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R)

Coordinator –  Michel Masson, EASA
Coordinator –  Bernd Osswald, Airbus Helicopters
Coordinator – Christian Mueller, EHA
Training Team Leader –  Mathieu Vandenavenne, Safety For Flight
Ops & SMS Team Leader –  Stefano Burigana, Elilombarda
Technology Team Leader –  Jos Stevens, NLR

United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST)

Industry Co-Chair – Nick Mayhew, L3 Harris Technologies
Government Co-Chair – Wayne Fry, FAA

Steering Committee

Raj Helweg, Air Methods,
Tim Tucker, Robinson Helicopter
Manny Figlia, Airbus Helicopter
Tony Randall, Bell
Lauren Haertlein, GAMA
Chris Lowenstein, Sikorsky
Scott Tyrrell, FAA
Dawn Groh, Embry-Riddle


Chris Hill, HAI, Jim Ciccone, FAA


Tony Molinaro, FAA

Safety Analysis Team (SAT)

Industry Co-Chair – Mona Polson, Bell
Government Co-Chair – Lee Roskop, FAA


Industry Co-Chair – tbd
Government Co-Chair – Tony Molinaro FAA


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair – Ana Claudia Galvao, CHC Helicopter of Brazil
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair – CC Raul Lins Barradas Neto, CENIPA
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair – Bruno T. Villela, SIPAAerM
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair – Antonio Modesto, HELIBRAS – Airbus


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair – Sylvain Seguin, CHL
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair – Bill Taylor, Transport Canada
JHSIT Implementation Co-Chair – Alex Holliday, Alpine


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair –  Arvind Sinha, DOD Australia
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair – Kimberly Turner, Aerosafe


Regional Lead – AVM K Sridharan, Rotor Society of India

Gulf Region

Chair of Gulf Cooperative Council Safety Team – Saeed Al Mehrezi, GCAA
GCC HST Committee Member – Roy Barnett, FAA
GCC HST Committee Member- Michel Theriault, Abu Dhabi Aviation
GCC HST Committee Member – Tony Griggs, Gulf Flight Safety Committee


JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair- Masaya Imada, FAA
JHSAT Analysis Co-Chair – Kiyomitsu Mochizuki, Aero Asahi Corporation
JHSAT Analysis – Shigeru Saito, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JHSAT Analysis – Shigeru Machida, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


Government Co-Chair -Georgy Yachmenev, Interstate Aviation Committee
Industry Co-Chair – Fanis Mirzayanov, Russian Helicopter Industry Assoc.


Government Co-Chair – Pablo Carranza Plata, DGAC
Industry Co-Chair – Paul Teboul, Airbus Helicopters