Safety Management 
Slide presentation on “Vade Mecum” guidebook for emergency workers Oct. 2016
Safety Management Systems for Small Operators (Video) 2015/FAA
Safety Management Systems Fundamentals (Video) 2015/FAA
Safety Culture: How We Lead March, 2015/ HELI-EXPO
The Value of Safety Nov. 2013
Creating a Generative Culture& Overcoming Barriers to Change Sep. 2013/Helitech
Hazard Management/ IHST/EHEST Safety Workshop Sep. 2013/Helitech
SMS in Small Ops Sep. 2013/Helitech
SMS Training Sep. 2013/Helitech
12 Classic Accident Pitfalls Sep. 2013/Helitech
Survey Questions to Assess Your Company’s Current Culture Sep. 2013/Helitech
Introduction of Safety Workshop – HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Accident Intervention and SMS – HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Implementing SMS for the Smaller Operator – HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
FDM, Risk, and Protecting Your Assets – HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
The Reality of Aeronautical Knowledge – HeliExpo 2013 March 2013
SMS and Decision Making – HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
Safety Management Through Flight Data Monitoring – HeliExpo 2013   March 2013
How SMS Benefits You!
July 2012
Pilot Decision Making May 2012
IHST Heli-Expo Workshop on Safety Management Feb. 2012
IHST Heli-Expo Workshop on Pilot Decision-Making Feb. 2012
SMS Quick Guide Feb. 2012
Safety Intervention Strategy Feb. 2012
SMS & FDM Integration Feb. 2012
IS-BAO for Business Aircraft Operations Feb. 2012
Minneapolis Safety Seminar  June 9, 2011
Anchorage Safety Seminar  April 29, 2011
Portland Safety Seminar March 23, 2011
Airborne Law Enforcement Assoc. – SMS  March 2009
Helicopter Risk Mitigation  Sept. 12, 2006