Apps Overview via EASA

A complete overview of the various Smart Phone/Tablet apps available for pilots. This article on EASA’s website into more detail of the three Apps listed below.

Safety Apps by EASA Community

Before Your Flight by Airbus

The App is provided free of charge by Airbus Helicopters to support helicopter pilots in the risk assessment phase of their flight preparation. The application guides the pilot through a mission-customized quiz to assess the risk exposure of a flight. The resulting risk evaluation and risk mitigation proposals are there to support the flight preparation. The pilot can also decide to share this evaluation with his company’s Safety Manager within the application. In order to highlight the background of some factors, some reading suggestions from renowned safety working groups worldwide are linked in the quiz. In an effort to share this best practice as largely as possible, several language options are available in the application.

Link to the Apple App Store

SkyFlight by Leonardo Helicopters

Wherever you are, through your device, you’ll be provided with relevant aviation information.

In addition to a real-time stream of weather and environmental data, which can be used in conjunction with the aircraft performance data.

Giving you the ability, at your fingertips to:

  • Plan your route and perform “What-if analysis”.
  • Get quicker answers.
  • Make better, more informed, decisions.
  • Save, share and re-use your planning data.

Quickly, you’ll see how easy your pre-flight experience can be with Skyflight, including:

  • Accurate Weight and Balance calculation.
  • Route design, amendment and assessment in just a few clicks.
  • Deep Performance Calculations based on RFM data
  • Rapid upload of flight data to the aircraft systems.

Leonardo Helicopters Customers can download and install the AW Skyflight app onto their iPad enabling access to the AW Skyflight web service.

The AW Skyflight app is available from the Apple App Store. Once installed on your iPad, your account details will be required to log in.

Link to the Apple App Store

Safety Tools by NGFT

Safety Tools is an app with several functions that support General Aviation and Helicopter Aerial Work Operations.

  1. It allows you to quickly evaluate the risk for a flight that you are planning to make. It will also give you actions that you could use to reduce your risk
  2. Access to numerous checklists for different types of operation including Procedures for helicopters and Airplanes as well as aerial work operations
  3. Safety Report: If you experience an event that you would like to report this is possible via this part of the app. It will prefill as much information as possible and will support you so it’s easy to submit a report. Your Safety manager will then be able to review and analyze your report. Please make flying safer and file a report!
  4. Task Specialist Briefing: Before task specialists from third parties are able to participate in an aerial work operation, they must be briefed. This part of the app makes this task easy and with a signature done on your phone it is documented and stored.

Link to the Apple App Store